Buchlyvie Parish Church Ministers and Key Events

1835  Building was originally erected as a chapel, also known as a Church Extension charge, served mainly by missionaries.   
1837 William Wyatt  
1848 Robert Galletly  
1850  James Simpson  
1864  Thomas Ferguson  
1870  John Macdonald  
1876 Buchlyvie was disjoined from Drymen and Kippen and became a parish church. John Macdonald was ordained in 1876 as first minister of Buchlyvie Parish, and continued as the minster until his death in 1918.
1919  John Watt  
1929 Constantine Sinclair (left to join the Episcopal Church): Buchlyvie United Free Church became Buchlyvie North, and Buchlyvie Parish Church became Buchlyvie South.  
1931 Union of Buchlyvie North and Buchlyvie South, henceforth called Buchlyvie Parish Church  
1932 Charles MacLean  
1937 George Mortimer  
1949 Andrew Moodle  
1962 John Laing  
1986 Moira McCormick  
2004 Elaine MacRae  
2019 Scott Brown